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Flight Of The Amazon Queen


You start off locked in a room by Anderson. Use curtain cord. Pick up wig. Pick up the Sheets on the bed (2 sets). Use both sheets together to make a rope. Use rope on radiator. Use rope to slide down the laudry chute.

Pick up comedy breats on the shelf (Move the ladder). Pick up crowbar. Go up the stairs. Talk to bell boy. Ask for the key, then ask to borrow it, then ask about the key again. And finally tell him your Lola's friend. Pick up the key.

Go back down stairs. Use rope to go back up. Use crowbar on chest. Pick up towel from chest. Go back down the rope.

Use key on the red door and go in. Talk to Lola. Ask Lola for help on getting out of the hotel. When Lola is in the shower, Give her the towel you found in the chest. Lola will give you a dress. Exit the room and put on the dress and wig. Go up the stairs and out the front lobby, And into your truck.


Rico and Eddie are after you. Pick up the hay. Pick up the oil. Use oil on Rico and Eddie. Rico and Eddie wipe out.


Tell Anderson you're a better pilot then him. Then say it's time to say good-bye


Open the duffle bag. Look at the duffle bag, And you'll get a few things. Look at the wet seats and get the comic book coupon. Open hatch.

Use beef jerky on pirahna. Pick up the propellor. Use knife on the lily stem. Use propellor on lily pad. Go north and talk to the parrot. Use knife on the vine. Go south twice.

Use vine on the support rope on the bridge. Get the banana on the other side of the bridge. Go back to the crash site and go north twice. Talk to the gorilla. Tell him you dont speak ape, Then ask if he's a gorilla, And tell him you though gorilla's were from Africa and finally tell him, he shouldnt be there, and he'll dissapear. Go to pinnicle.


Enter the store. Talk to Bob. Tell him you'll help him. Give the beef jerky to Bob. He'll give you cash in return. Buy the vaccum cleaner. Go to pinnicle.


Talk to Bud and Skip. When you talk to Skip, say: "I Have a friend that likes Commander Rocket. He has every one but one. He needs the one where he battles the Chicago Mob."

Skip gives you the comic. Go east twice (past the falls). Talk to the gorilla in the dino-suit. Get him to say: "Your the ape i saw earlier. You dont exist."

Go through the log. Use the vaccum on the wasps. Pick up Orchid. Go next room (east). Look at the stone carving. An amazon will show up. Use the button on the door. You should get trapped.


Talk to the old man. Tell him you like the hand puppet. The old man should give you the puppet. Faye will show up, apologise to her and she will let you out. Go up the stairs. Exit the temple.


Go through the log and go down.


Give the banana to the monkey with the coconut. The monkey will give you the coconut. Talk to Mary-Lou. Go back to pinnicle.


Try to talk to the pygmy's. Ask Naomi where she learned to speak english. Give orchid to Bob. He'll give you the net and make you a special customer. Get the net.


Use the net on the perfume bottle in the water. Give Sparky the comic book and he'll give you a file. Get another banana from the banana tree on the other side of the bridge.


Talk to Mary-Lou. Swap the file for the pygmy dictionary. Talk to Jimmy about Sloths.

WATERFALL: In The Jungle

Use the net on the bettle that's flying around.


Now you can talk with the pygmy's. Talk to the witch doctor. Ask her if she can make a rash cure. Enter the store. Give perfume to Naomi and she'll give you the scissors.


Pick up the flower in the front garden. Enter the house. Talk to the secretary. Ask her why thier located in the jungle and then tell her your the fumigator.

Enter the door (library). Look under couch cushion. Pick up change. Leave the room.

Go into the kitchen. Talk to the chef. Ask him what he's doing. Then ask him if he's having any luck. Give the banana to the chef. The chef will leave. Pick up the cheeze-Bits. Pick up the can of dog food.

Go east. Open mailbag. Look at the bag and you'll get a letter. Look at the letter. Open foot locker. Pick up squeeky toy.

Exit the house. Give the squeeky toy to the dog. Go back to the pinnicle.

JUNGLE: The Screen B4 Bud and Skip

Use the flower on the sloth. Use the scissors on the sloth. Go back to the pinnicle.


Use the knife on the coconut. Give the witch doctor the vaccum(w/wasps in it), Coconut, and the sloth hair. Back to pinnicle.

JUNGLE: Bud and Skip

Give Bud the rash potion. He'll give you cash in return. Back to the pinnicle.


Buy the record. Back to pinnicle.


Enter the house. Goto Library. Use the record on the record player. Use elevator.

You should be in the bunker. Open the door. Look in the box. Exit room.

Go up the hall. Talk to John. Give John the letter. John will cry and then let you into the rooms. Go into the first door. Look at the notes on the desks. Move the cabinet. Exit room.

Go into the second room. Read duty roster. Go up the hall. Pass by this hall too and go into the next hall. Go into the room and tell the guard he's needed for kitchen duty and that he has to report to colonel Jackson. He'll leave.

Enter the second door. Pick up the book on the desk. Use the knife on the book to open it. Now you have a key. Exit the room. Goto the fire exit. You should be in the lab. Pick up the weenie serum on the shelves. Go east.


The princess is in the cell. Use the key on the cell door.


You have set off the alarm. Get the pencil from the front desk. Use the dummies (The ones wearing the leaderhosen). Talk to Princess Azura and ask her if she saw the door code. Use the colored wall panel. The door will open. Exit house.

Princess Azura will now split. Go back inside. Use the elevator.


Now go back to the hall you passed up ealier. Open the dog food can with the can opener. Use the super weenie serum on the dog food can. Give chef's surprise to Klunk (the guard in the hall). Talk to Klunk and ask him if he thinks he's a tough guy and then call him a weenie, and you'll punch him out. Now you can enter the room.

Enter the room. Use the pencil on the notpad that's on the desk. Now you have the combination to the safe. Exit the room.

Go to the room with the safe (where you moved the cabinet). Use the paper on the safe. Look at the safe to get the things inside. Go back upstairs. Exit the house.

Enter the shed. Use the key in the padlock. Open the box. Look at the box to get the rocket pack. Exit.


Enter the temple. Go back to the pinnicle.


Talk to the ferryman. Give the beetle to the ferryman for bait. Ask him to take you to sloth island.


Enter the temple. Go into both rooms and try to pick up all the mummies. When you try to pick up the mummies, they will crumble, but some will leave bones, pick up those bones.

The Dino-Rat will be in one of the rooms. Give him Cheeze-Bits and he will run away.

Go into the main room (the room you first came in). Use all the bones in the correct spots. You should have an arm bone left. Use the arm bone in the socket of the ancient slot machine. Use money in the slot and pull the arm bone. Enter the newly uncovered entranceway.


This room is just a large statue with two arms. You'll get sick of this room after awhile. The temple guardian will pop up and ask you a riddle. Tell her it's the three stages of life (how original). Three doors open up.

Go into the far right door. Then go into the door with the bright light coming from it. Cross the bridge to get into the next room.

You should be in a room with three zombie women. Talk to the Zombies. Try to convince them there is no prince in the sarcophagus. Get the zombies to open the sarcophagus. Pick up the wrappings that roll out. Talk to the zombies again. Tell them to open the sarcophagus again. They will find out there is no prince in the tomb and dissapear. Open the sarcophagus and pick up the crown. Use the knife on the vines (You'll get the vines). Close the sarcophagus. Move the sarcophagus. Enter uncovered entrance.


Use the knife on the tree sap. Pick up the sap> Use the sap on the bat. Pick up some more sap. Move fountain head. Pick up the blue jewel. Dont use the lever yet. Enter the next room.

You find Ian, he says he has the skull and wants you to release him. Walk to the next room (to your left). Use the hand puppet on the hot plate. Now go back to the main statue room (use the lever). Go into the middle door (statur mouth). Use the stone plate on the wooden spindle. Use gnarled vine on stone disc. Go to the main statue room. Go into the far right door again. Use the loose vines on the pulley. Use the baseball bat on the pulley. The stone slab should be lifted. Enter under slab.

Pick up the pick. Go back to the main statue room. Go into the middle door. Enter the next room.

Use the pick on the stalactite. Pick up the flint. Use the flint on the lighter. Use the pick on the glowing hole. Exit back to the main statue room.

Go into the far left door. Use the mummy wrapping on the arm bone. Use the lighter on the arm bone (with the mummy wrappings). Use the arm bone torch on the snake. Enter the door.


There are two doors here, one light one and one dark one. Go into the dark door. Look at the body. Get all the goodies from the dead guy. Enter the next room.

Follow the balcony to the next room. Go west from the room with the two dino's spitting lasers. Go across the bridge into the next room. Pick up the big stick in the rock. Go back to the main statue room. Go into the middle door. Go into the next room. Go into the hole (now a doorway).

Use the big stick on the crypt. Look in the crypt and you will get the death mask. Use the rest of the mummy wrappings on the death mask. Go back to the main statue room.

Go into the far left door and go to the waterfall room. Enter the dark room. Walk over the balcony and into the next room. Use the death mask on the dino's head. The Dino head blows up. Enter the newly unblocked pathway. Goto next room.

Use the sticky bat on the green gem. Exit room. Go from the dino-laser room west over the bridge and into the next room. Use the blue and Green gems in the sockets under the eyes of the statue. Two new doors should open. Don't go in them yet.

Go back over the bridge and into the dino-laser room and go back to the waterfall room. Go back to the main statue room. Go into the far right door. Use the bat on the pulley again. The slab should go back down. Go back to the main statue room. Go into the far left door and into the waterfall room. Go into the light door. The slab should be lifted up now. Use the lever that's on the dino.

Talk to Ian, Ask him to untie the rope tethering the cage. Ian of course gets out, and doesn't seem to have the crystal skull. Ian Splits. Go back to the dino-laser room, use the door beside the stairs (faster). Go west.

You'll hear some noise when you enter the room. Go into the left door and you'll find Ian got flattened. Go back to the man statue room. Go into the far right door. Go all the way to where the 3 zombies were. Go into the hole. You should be at the sap tree again. Go into the next room and then the next room again.

Look at Ian and grab the other part of the stone key. Use the two stone peices together (using the sap). You should now have the whole stone key. Go back to the main statue room using the lever. Go into the far left door. Go to the waterfall room.

Enter the light door then the small door by the stairs. Go west from the dino-laser room. Go over the bridge to the next room. Go into the door to the right of the statue. Use the stone key on the small statue. A new entrance pops up. Go down into the new entrance. Cross the green lava bridge into the next room.

O.K. This is a good time to save your game. You will find the Dino-Rat back again. Give the cheese-bits to the dino-rat. Follow the dino-rat EXACTLY!.

Everytime the dino-rat stops, give him some more cheese-bits to get him moving again. Keep it up until you get to an altar room. Dont do anything here yet (the altar room). Go into the door on the other side of the altar. Now you should be in the puzzle room. Use a vaccum cleaner on the mosaic (floor).

There are 16 tiles here, don't pay any attention to any markings or anything, just hit the first tile and then the second (see what i mean by the diagram).



Just move the * tile first. Then move the @ Tile. I Hope you can figure that out. I Don't know how to explain it any easier than that.

Once done the puzzle. Enter the next room. The temple guardian pops up again. She wants proof that your king (even know your not).

Give the guardian the crown you found in the sarcophagus. A Door will open. Pick up the crystal skull. Go back to the altar room. Go to the altar. There are two panels there. Move the right panel first. Then move the left panel. A chair will come down from the ceiling. Use the chair.


Once done talking with frank. Pick up the mug on the bench. Use the mug on the cell door. Anderson and Faye will come and get you out. Exit the building.


Buy the alcohol using the dead guards ID. Read the torn up paper (jetpack plans). Read the comic book, pages will fall out. Use the comic pages with the wet comic coupon. Read the blueprints. Use the alcohol in the jetpack. Go to the pinnicle. Use the jet pack.


When your finished talking with faye exit to the path. To get the dino to move go to the Distant clearing. Go past the dino's head and up into the next screen.

Use the knife on the branches. Give the branches to the dino. The dino moved. Now go back down and now you can cross where the dino was. Exit to the next screen.

To get passed the large dino eating the dead dino. Use the Tyranno Horn. Go to the next screen.

Now, after all those events happen. Pick up the Dino ray gun. Shoot monster Frank with the ray gun. Talk to Faye, Ask her to turn her mirror around. Use the ray gun on monster Frank again. Give the death mask to Sparky. Use the ray gun on monster frank one last time. THE END